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About company

What is modern electronics? What it should be like?

What is more important? Is it progressive and innovative solutions and broad functionality? Or is it quality and reliability of electronics? Or brand’s popularity? Or maybe this is price that matters most?

The Soundmax company, producer of home and car audio & video, is absolutely sure, that all the above mentioned does equally matter.

That’s why all Soundmax’s products are a splendid combination of optimal functionality, high-grade quality and attractive price. A sophisticated product for vivid emotions and good mood.

If you’re young and energetic, if you can’t imagine a car without music and a house without favorites films, but not ready to pay triple the price, if you look for reliable, but not expensive electronics – then no doubt your choice is Soundmax!

Doesn’t matter, what product you choose, DVD player, home theatre or car CD/MP3 receiver, you can always rely on Soundmax.

Soundmax. Electronics of vivid character.